America, I Miss You!


Dear Ones,

In an interesting turn of events, my Panama adventure will soon come to an end.  My family and I have decided to move back to the States — and not just because we miss Whole Foods.

But first we need to sell our beautiful Panama City view condo.  It’s really a nice place.  🙂

More pics and info here.  Ok!  And now for my post.


America, I Miss You!

Last month on a quick trip to Florida I realized I miss the US. I miss it because it works, because for the most part, people and operations there are efficient.

When a package mailed to the hotel didn’t arrive before I was set to depart, I asked the hotel if they could do me a favor and forward it to our Miami post office box. “I realize you would be doing me a huge favor and am willing to pay for this service — in addition to the postage.” “No, you don’t have to pay us — just the postage,” replied the kind concierge who actually gives a damn about doing a good job.

Unlike my experience would have been in Panama, I did not have to explain what I wanted 3 times or, as the customer, enroll him in the possibility of giving good service. In fact, it was his idea to make the transaction even simpler my charging postage to the same credit card used for our stay instead of me having to leave cash. Brilliant!

Back at my tropical ranch, I’m still waiting for the director of the Summit Park here in Panama to email me. Two weeks ago, I visited the park to inquire about volunteering, met him briefly and followed his instruction to email him “my information.” Um, ok. Within the hour, while observing other volunteers at the park, I emailed from my phone. Five days later, no response so I email him to see if he got my message. Yes! He did — he’ll get back to me in a bit. I’m still waiting.

For the hotel, there was nothing in it for them and they surpassed my expectations. For the park, there is only upside — I mean, how many people are willing to clean poop from cages without pay — and I’m basically ignored. America, I miss you. Especially you, Whole Foods greeter. I miss your energy and your smile.

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    • We are like two ships! Actually, please be in touch when you do arrive since I don’t know how long it will take to sell our condo. Until soon!

  1. Armed with a well rounded understanding of the colloquialism and mores of panameños I’m looking forward to retiring early to move to Panama, Altos Del Maria, to start a business. Although, I’m regretful your family decided to leave Panama your comments are on point. I rather enjoyed your blog and will miss your postings…you have a way of bringing the chronicles of your experiences while living in Panama to Life and your use of phrases such as; wrong-o bus-o, Humph, Blech, soul suit, and schlepping…always added a nice visual touch!!! I’m prayerful Panama was a rebirth for you. Wishing you and your family all the best in your new endeavors. Hopefully you will continue sharing your journey’s with us.

  2. Sad to know you will be leaving. I will be arriving the latest by early next year and envisioned meeting you. I’ve enjoyed your blogs and shared several points of reference being a Panamanian who has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, Berkeley, to be specific.Wish you and your family the very best in your new life adventures.

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