I Left My Wallet in San Francisco


In visiting the Bay Area this week I am quickly reminded of one of my least favorite experiences of big City living — hemorraging cash.  I enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle here — but not an extravagant one by any means — and at the same time was never able to save as much money as I should have, as I would have liked.  I left my wallet, not my heart, in San Francisco.  Here what’s I’m talking about.

Last night I popped into Tacobar on Fillmore Street to grab dinner for me and Mom.  For some reason, the location’s name leads me to believe it will be inexpensive.  Prices don’t appear on the menu board but how much can a burrito cost?  Plus, I have like 30 bucks on me so I should be good.  I order an avocado salad, tortilla soup, side orders of rice, beans and guacamole, chips and salsa and a tiny cup of sangria.  The total is $34.  Really?  I’m basically ordering soup, salad and sides.  Humph.  I decide to enjoy the sangria instead of the chips thereby managing to afford our $31 dinner.

This morning I visited my favorite yoga studio, Urban Flow Yoga, and used a massage gift certificate I purchased before moving to Panama.  Here is the price I pay:

$6 Golden Gate Bridge toll

$4 parking near yoga studio

$16 for Rusty’s yoga class; he offers *yoga by donation* and $16 is the lowest donation amount for folks wanting to register online in advance

$14 parking in Nob Hill

$10 gratuity for massage therapist

I’m out 50 bucks and all I did was go to yoga and use a gift certificate.

On the way home, I think about stopping by La Boulange to enjoy their delicious $12 Nicoise salad.  But I feel broke.  Plus, I spent most of my healthy food budget yesterday at the pricey Marin’s Farmer’s Market.  So I head home to eat leftovers and make juice from my fresh produce instead.

While traveling I’ve been present to missing Billy, Sammy and The Maven very much.  Turns out I also miss Panama’s relatively low cost of living.


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  1. I love SF. My daughter lives north of there but I could never afford to live there. Especially compared to Panama it’s crazy expensive. Hope your visit is good though.

    • Thank you for the link, Richard. Yes, it’s nice to move from one of the most interesting cities on earth to one of the happiest countries in the world. It’s a good life!

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