“Do What You Love and Money Will Follow”


Dad always said, “Do what you love and money will follow.”  More of a spiritual man than a religious one, Dad held deep faith in the universe and one’s own ability to be both self-fulfilled and financially successful.

From day to day, I’m not sure Dad understands what I’m doing here, that I live with him and Mom in Panama.  Some days I enter the room and he asks, “How did you get here?” as if I just arrived from a long trip.  Other days he asks me about school and when I will finish even though I completed my education over 10 years ago.

If I could, if I thought he would understand, I would summon up the courage to explain that I’m here to do what I love, that I’m finally taking his advice to heart by following my own heart.  It’s not an easy road trying to figure out what ignites me and what I desire.  And, of course, many days I’m filled with fear and doubt about whether this experiment, this enterprise, will work — if the money will indeed follow, if I’ll be able to permanently escape a traditional career path in exchange for one of my own creation, if I will be able to do work I love and earn a living simultaneously.

Some days I struggle to keep the faith that seemed to come so easily to Dad.  Videos like this one are great reminders of what he knew to be true.


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