Never a Dull Moment


Remember when Mom juice fasted for 6 hours and then claimed to be dying of hunger? Well, Dad kind of pulled the same stunt last night but in an even more dramatic fashion. Right around 3:30 am he started shouting for help from his bedroom. I wasn’t really alarmed but jumped out of bed to bump into Nurse Ali in the hallway, who had also heard his wailing through a monitor she keeps in her room. I let her take the lead in entering Dad’s room and hear him say, “I’m dying of hunger.” “Tiene hambre!” Mom shouts from her room translating for Ali.

Next thing we know Dad is heartily eating his usual breakfast — chopped papaya, buttered raisin toast, hot chocolate, and 2 hard-boiled eggs — about 6 hours earlier than usual. When I get up at my usual time, he’s back in bed and when I return from my tennis lesson at 11:30 am he’s just finished a second meal. With all of the attention we put on Dad’s health and well-being around here, it’s important to remember the wise words Dad’s doctor shared with us: “Si esta comiendo, no esta moriendo.” Agreed — if he’s eating, he’s not dying. Simple as that.

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