There’s Something About Maven


Mom and I both admire Tia Joyce, a long-time and dear 90 year-old friend of the family, very much. She is so sharp and together despite her age that it’s not unusual for Mom to ask Tia Joyce for advice. She is also very much of a lady — extremely polite and well-mannered — but more in a pleasant, old-world kind of way than a stuffy or uncomfortable way. She is elegant, graceful and always impeccably dressed. Each time we visit her well-adorned home, it’s incredibly clean and tidy. She usually has a gift for me when I see her.

Last week, Tia Joyce stopped by to visit after church. While Mom and Tia Joyce were chatting, Maven jumped on the dining room table. “Hay, no, Laura! Maven esta en la mesa!” Mom shouted. I give her a “What-are-you-talking-about-Willis?” look and remove Maven from the table. I then realize what is going on — Mom is trying to act as if Maven’s behavior is unusual in order to save face in front of Tia Joyce.Folks, Maven eats on the table every day.

Since we rarely use it for dining, I place Maven’s food there so that Sammy, our chubby, food-obsessed mini schanauzer puppy, doesn’t eat it along with his own. Needless to say, our home is much less proper than Tia Joyce’s even if Mom tries to pretend otherwise.


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