Yesterday Mom Was Dying


Yesterday was my first day of a 10 day juice fast. To support me and to tweak her own health, Mom decides to juice for 3 days as well. We put the others in the house on guard; please don’t offer us any food. We will be juicing!

For breakfast I serve 2 glasses of C-Blast. I apologize to Mom that it’s not very sweet but she thinks it’s delicious and drinks the whole glass

 happily. Later that afternoon, friends come over for lunch. I leave for an appointment just before food is served. Mom stays and drinks juice during the meal explaining — and perhaps a little bit bragging — that she’s juice fasting for 3 days. I think she has more will power than I do to be around the food and not consume it. Way to go, Mom!An hour later I return home. And Mom is eating. Six hours into the 3 days and she’s already cracked. “Ali, me estoy muriendo de hambre y me duele la cabeza,” she whined to Dad’s nurse Ali when I wasn’t there. Ali could understand that Mom might have a headache, but she certainly wasn’t dying. “Me sirves arroz? Con vegetales?” Ali tries to remind her that she committed to juicing and that’s not supposed to serve her food. I’m not sure what Mom does to convince her — probably whines a little more — and finally Ali caves to Mom’s requests by serving her a generous lunch.

An hour later Mom, Dad, Ali and I are running errands. I stay in the car sipping my juice while Ali pops in to the pharmacy for Dad’s meds. “Donde esta el chocolate?” Mom grunts at Ali when she returns. A special request from Mom, Ali purchased a huge Ritter Sport chocolate bar for Mom, which she immediately devours. Needless to say, I think Mom is going to live.


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