Cats Are the New Squirrels





Billy is in heaven. You see, here in Panama, cats are the new squirrels. Formerly California squirrels offered a chance to run, jump and chase when out for a walk. Now that opportunity comes by way of 3 stray neighborhood cats.

Once I open the front door, Billy, possessed by cat scent, immediately transforms into a mad hunter. The terrier within him — unleashed!

 He searches excitedly, both ears perked, towards the back of the empty lot next door. He then scours the front lawn across the street. Finally, he skips through our garage door gate in hopes of finding joy and fulfillment under a parked sedan.Unlike squirrels, Billy’s new prey can’t quickly climb high atop a tree branch for safety. With only 8 pounds holding him back and all of his ambition propelling him forward, Billy might catch his very own feline one day. I can’t wait to see his expression when that happens.

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